Daniel P. Purdy

MBA Jones School Rice University

M.S. Computer Science St. Mary's University


A powerful tool that can be properly leveraged to execute a business strategy.


Business and Technological strategy must be executed in harmony to gain full success.


The proper execution of a strategy is as important as the strategic development.


It is my goal and desire to provide the up-most excellence in discovering how to make business run with maximum efficiency. The objective of the business is to maximize profits while mitigating costs. These are more than achievable objectives. One must first step forward and find the pain internally. Next is to listen, not ask, but listen to what the customers and market are saying. The customer base exists, are they being served? Once the pain is truly understood then a solution can be developed and applied.

I have over 12 years of experience, split between telecommunications, healthcare, and e-commerce industries. The vast majority of those years have been in the small business environment, wearing many hats. In small business, growth is a must. There is no choice but to learn how to excel with limited resources and to stretch every dollar. A strategic misstep, in plan or execution, can mean death. Proper analysis of the business, technology, and market has to be thorough and accurate in order to achieve success.


It is amazing what is told when one truly listens.


The conquest rises from the challenge.

Tell the story.

Speak truth.


Through interaction and team work one can truly grow.


Rice University

Jones School

St. Mary's University

M.S. Computer Science

Trinity University

B.S. Computer Science

Envision the Future

For those wishing to gain value in the interaction of business and technology and where it is all leading, the solution is here, at your finger tips..


Do not be afraid of the unkown or to be wrong. Grow stronger. Step forward and learn, and the solution will present itself.


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dp at purdytx.com

Daniel P. Purdy, MS, MBA